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Some help to mine BitCoins online.

How to Mine BitCoins Online

The new way to mine for bitcoins is to use a USB ASIC miner, using only the power from a single USB port. It is low power, cooler, more efficient and less power hungry than out-dated GPU or CPU rigs.

USB allows for multiple USB ASIC miners via a powered hub so you can expand your rig by re-investing mined bitcons in new hardware.

Tools Required to start BitCoin Mining

Most people start off mining their bitcoins online by using their home computer. The advantage of this is that the most expensive part of the system (the computer) has already been purchased and all that is needed is a USB ASIC device (see below) and some software to manage the bitcoin mining operation.

Some more speed, Sir?

If you want more bitcoins in less time without adding more USB ASIC miners or you don't want to tie-up your PC or laptop to mining, a stand alone 'blade' can cut through the bitcoin mining work very quickly without a host PC. It has an ethernet port which connect to your router directly without the need to run from a PC or laptop. Great if your PC is switched off mostly or the thought of having a USB device permanently attached to your laptop is a bad idea.

Have a look at these BitCoin Mining 'Blades' below (10GH/s)

Or these 50 or 60GH/s monsters.

The higher the hash rate, the more bitcoins can be mined in a given time. For example 50GH/s will mine 50 times more coins in the same time as a 1GH/s miner with all other things equal. This also applies to pooled mining, if mining at 50GH/s your share of the bounty will be 50 times more than if you were mining with at 1GH/s. If you want more coins, sooner, you will benefit from greater hashing power.

Adding additional hashing power is easy, just add more hardware. USB ASICS, Blades and all the other hardware can run together increasing hashing power.

You need some software to run the USB miner

Not required if you use a 'blade' as this has its own built in software

Somewhere to put your BitCoins (a wallet)
MultiBit is a great choice of wallet and easy to use.

Use CTRL 'C' and CTRL 'V' to copy/paste if there is a problem copy and pasting with the mouse in the multibit program after it has been installed.

Expand your rig with a USB Hub - easy.

A powered hub allows for modular expansion, one step at a time or take a big jump by adding several USB ASICs.

More USB ASICs = More bitcoin mining power = more bitcoins mined.

Start off with one USB stick, add a port and more USB sticks to ramp up the work level as the mining takes off.

This is a suitable USB hub for bitcoin mining because the hub delivers enough power to run all the USB ASICs together, and those below are worth looking at too.

But how do you make the most out of your rig?

The answer is to 'pool' your resources.

Join an existing pool of miners and benefit from their existing commitment and technology to 'piggy back' your way to extra bitcoin mi
ning power (an more bitcoins)!

Come and join our mining pool!

You are invited to join our mining pool (by clicking this link) to leverage our existing work and accept the opportunity to earn extra 'bonus' bitcoins. 

Our mini pool is overseen by triplemining.com who organise the jackpot of 'bonus' bitcoins for our pool members.

With features such as

  • A Weekly Jackpot: Every miner automatically participates in our weekly jackpot. Once a week a lucky miner gets it all!
  • No hidden costs: No fees, all bitcoins from found blocks are redistributed to our miners.
  • Trustworthy service: operational since June 28, 2011, all support requests resolved in a timely fashion.

There can't be a better time to join our triplemining pool now and start benefiting immediately.

Alternative Pool - the P2Pool

P2Pool is a software package written by 'forrestv' and anyone is free to use it.

You don't need to run the p2pool software to join a p2pool pool. There are quite a few p2pools already running available to connect to.

If you are using CGminer or BFGminer just point your miner to the p2pool address, set your username to the bitcoin address you want the rewards to go to and set any password you like. Simple.

For a BFGminer and CGminer example;
bfgminer -o http://bitcoins.for.sexypenguins.com:9332/ -u 1YourBitCoinAddress -p anything

cgminer -o http://bitcoins.for.sexypenguins.com:9332/ -u 1YourBitCoinAddress -p anything

What makes the Miner tick?

The parts and technology found in the early generation of USB ASIC
Above is the Revision 3 USB ASIC bitcoin miner in detail that processes 333Mh/s.

Below you can find the later version of improved speed Blue Fury USB ASIC bitcoin miner with over 2.2GH/s power packed into the same tiny USB stick.

The 'No Hardware' solution

If you want to mine bitcoins online without having the hassle of owning the hardware, get yourself a contract.

Purchase a contracted number of hours at a determined rate of mining and let the bitcoins roll in without needing to invest in any hardware. You will need a bitcoin wallet to store your earnings (see above).

Contracts are usually purchased by the 24h unit, at a set mining rate, have a look here on ebay for a suitable contract and sit back while some one else does the work for you while your bitcoins pile up.

CEX.IO offer a unique 'cloud mining' service. Buy mining power from them, receive bitcoins and sell the contract at any time. No hardware required.

Have a look at their site (here).

If you have mining hardware and want to get into cloud mining just sign up to CEX.IO (its free) which will give you access to their 0% pool. Point your miner at their pool to generate bitcoins that can be used to purchase cloudmining power (GH).

I wish your BitCoin mining be very profitable!

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Here are some resources to gain yourself some free bitcoins or Satoshis which are a fraction of a bitcoin to the order of 0.00000001 BTC.

Some of the free bitcoin 'faucets' require an email address, others don't, but all will require you to pass the 'are you human' captcha. 

A good place to start is the Land of BitCoin

From simple faucets to more fun games to win free bitcoins, there are currently 20 faucets available at the Land of Bitcoin.

Expect the faucets to become more engaging as the number rises. You can request your free bitcoins from every 30 minutes to every 24 hours, its up to the faucet owner and the reserve supply of bitcoins available.

Minimum payout levels may require you to make several requests for free bitcoins to build a great enough balance to enable sending to your bitcoin wallet. But this is not a problem as the bitcoins are free anyway.

If your bitcoin wallet is empty or looking a bit thin on bitcoins, make a start at the Land of BitCoins.com. But also request some bitcoins from MMOclub.com (its free). You can try to earn some free bitcoins here.